SanHiRa Massage Bucharest
MiRaCulous shortest Time RESULTS
Sustainable Long Term Healings,
By Officially Certified 19+ Experienced Therapists using Ancient Traditional Massage techniques, also modern techologies & BioEnergy


After a long flight, the Jet-Lag is pretty annoying, huh? That’s exactly when our Jet Lag Removal Massage you can benefit most! You just found Your Whole Body Revitaliser: Massage Bucharest is Perfect Acustomised for each one and all of Your Visits, focused on Refreshing, ReVitalising, Rejuvenating, ReGenerating, Relaxing Massage, Stress-Free, Pain-Free.


Deep Tissue Massage, is recommended: for individuals who experience consistent pain. Deep Tissue Massage Helps also after too many hours of driving or sitting in front of the computer… Maybe needed also for those who are involved in a heavy physical activity, such as athletes, dancers, or just after a football-playing…


Imagine, you’re breathing in the warmth of the Amber, Orange Flowers and Ylang-Ylang slowly diffused from the creamy Argan butter while being infused with the warmth of the Sun from Charming Oriental Alger, Tunisia or Morocco!



  • Snoring

    Did snoring exhaust you enough to want this end at your first session? How can we help You Quit snoring? A Custom Special Treatment for Snoring is based on Ancient Vietnamese techniques. We are using some modern technology.Quantum IS and IR Laser. With this modern tools are gently and pleasantly unblocked the energy lines & Yin/ Yang Meridians. The air intake is significantly increased, The nose and whole face symmetry are restored. And you are sleeping like a baby, no more snoring. Sounds weird and so it is. And this is true. From the first session, Your face looks different, like you always dreamed! You avoided painful and long recovery time from plastic surgery. Less hassle for you, fewer expenses and you breathe in and out as ever desired! Bonus: a glowing skin, a Youthful and a more energetic You! Seems like appealing to you? Snoring Special Treatment is for you

  • Migrains and headaches

    Are migraines visiting you often? Buzzing ear annoys you? Is time to close this door? Find yourself time and choose to Contact/ Appointment us for a Done with Migraines Special Treatment. And find out the hidden cause of Migraines, Headaches in your physical body also in the aura. How about to improve your wellbeing, your life? It is also possible and to learn methods to help yourself stay healthy.