Your Appointmenrs only by 004 0745 07 48 39 for a

Refreshing, ReVitalising, Rejuvenating, ReGeneration,

Relaxing Massage, Stress Free, Pain Free, Perfectly Tailored for each one amd all of Your Visits, respecting your needs by Officially Certified & Experienced Personnel.

 Specialised  in Delivering Miraculous Results in the shortest time!

Since 1998  You choose to become fully Energised, by Clearing  all blocks and densities/( NeckPains, BackPains, sore Palms and Shoulders Pains, cramps & misallignements, Headaches, Migraines, Jaw & Ears Pains, Soles & Feet Pains,)  from your all subtle Bodies (  the Phisical Body,, the  Mental Body, the Emotional, Body and the Causal Body) , and Infuse your Whole Bodies with Light and Harmony. Most important: Beyond and above all: 

Discover the Ease of movement, Energy Flowing through your whole Body.

Find out how Mind quiets,

 Find YourSelf Peacefull, Cristal-Clear Vision & Focused.

Life flows Beautifully through your Body, Renew, Replenished, Recharged.

Feeling as Well, Beimg as Well,as ever desired.

Well Being.

That’s what you get after one Massage Session of 60 minutes: an Harmonious mix of  Massage Techniques:

Swedish Aromatherapy Massage

Facial Vietnamese Reflexology

Foot Reflexology and Hand Reflexology,

 Deep Tissue Massage

Energy Meridian Lines  Massage,

Hot Stones Massage,


Thai Massage ( Wat Po Traditional School, Bangkok, Thainland)

 We ‘re using the best of Shea Butter, Argan, Jojoba and Coconut oils from sunny Morrocco or Brasil, as well as for Aromatherapy only pure Swiss Essential Oils!

Body, Mind and Soul Relaxation

Your Bucharest’s Massage Oasis for an Oriental Body, Soul and Mind Relaxation

6 stars for an Amazing Massage Experience, from our 19+ years of activity,

Appointments: 11,30- 20,30, Mo-Fri, only by phone 004-0745074839. Recommended with more than 30 min before your arrival time… When possible, with one day before appointment being better.

Extraodinary Massages: Sanhira Massage Center: 23A, Balcescu Nicolae Boulevard, District 1, Bucharest 

Happy to be at service for the ones trusting us!

For You, the whole body Tonic in Bucharest!

Sanhira Massage Center: 0040 745 074 839

 23A, Balcescu Nicolae Boulevard, District 1, Bucharest 

53 thoughts on “Your whole Body Revitaliser!

  1. Chris Dags says:

    Confirming for tomorrow 11am for two hour healing session! I feel great today. If we need to do longer tomorrow to make sure you get everything that would be ok too. I forgot to have you look at my right shoulder and left side of neck but my lower back feels great today!!!! Love you you were right!! ?

  2. Fratica Corina says:

    I had a shift in my belief about the so called “normal” asymetry of the body by an coincidence meeting SanHiRa. I had an Facial Energy Meridian treatment, I can call it REJUVENATION! My eyes, my nose , the whole face looks more …ME, like I had an face-lift!!!
    Beyond tiredeness dissapeared, my vision became sharper, my body is so flexible as I not even just dreamed it can be. It also feels like I inhale more air, like my nose became unblocked, the fogginess when learning dissapeared, I became more optimistic and above all, to my great surprise, I received a special crystal , named Super7. how cool is this!?! It is an Universal law of ;-)) Coincidence here, as just discovered my crystal seemed dissapeard this morning. I looked everywhere. Well, now I received an amazing treatment and an extraordinary gift, the Super7 crystall.
    Mrs. SanHiRa made my day and changed my perception about so many things!
    I found so many answers and so many healthy tips for healthy hair, nails and skin, Thank you so much.
    I was looking for all this from so long time, even if unconsciously! It is so good to meet people who gives you such a good vibe . This is creating a ripple effect and I keep this vibe , I smiled the whole day, I made everybody smile. I keep thinking & thanking to the “Fairy with Crystalls in her purse” I’ve met today.

  3. Chris Dags says:

    I just got back from Bucharest, I was planning on seeing you but this time my boss came and it was 14 hours of work a day. Silver & gold coloidal water I still have taken almost every day since all the moving home to home. I have Reunion on Sunday at my house.
    I will be there again in august and will make sure to see you!!


  4. Ruxandra says:

    I do recommend the Sanhira massages.. it’s not just a massage, it’s a total well-being experience. You just need to relax, sit back, believe and enjoy the kind, warm hands. You will get more than a massage, you will get a wake up call of your daily habits and practices, you will taste bit by bit a different way of doing things and taking care of yourself, loving yourself. Restore yourself and give a try! You won’t regret it and just want to go back again.

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