We work it out, after one of your Massage Therapy Appointments, using all our 19+ years of experience, for you to shine, just be Happy! Did you ever in your life considered to take a Wellbeing Manager? 

Just found Your Lifetime WellBeing Department: Address: 23A, Balcescu Nicolae Boulevard, District 1, Bucharest

Sessions are available only by appointment.

at 004 0745 07 48 39, Sanhira Massage Center. 

You can also e-mail us, using the”Leave a Reply” box  and “Add Comment” from each page. We reply in maximum 4 hours.

 Working Hours: Mo_Fri. : 13,30- 21,30, last appointment starts at 20,30.

Recommended to arrive with 10 min before your appointment, for having time for an delicious tea, to accomodate, to prepare for your “Journey inside your Oasis”…

Many thanks for trusting us and our 19+ years of Massage Experience! For You to have a Memorable Massage, just take some time for yourself to be treated right, choose one of our 7 stars Massage Services, feel as a star!

Special rates in case of  a couple of treatments/ massage sessions appointments for You or for Your beloved during your stay in Bucharest. 

Respecting every person’s time and intimacy, we prepared enough comfortable towels for you to enjoy your private shower cabin with direct acces from the massage room. Confirmation with one day before appointment, welcomed!

For special requests and extraordinary situations, apart this program and for another locations, normal prices are subject of an 1.5 up to 2 multiplying factor. For example, for an Saturday massage at 2 p.m. for one hour is due to pay 70.50 EUR, instead of 47 EUR. Saturday mornings before 13,30h, same 1h of Relaxing Massage Session from an usual rate of 47 Eur. is 94 Eur.

You are more than welcomed atRelaxed Flotating

Alternative Therapies and Massages Center, for Your Professional Massage in Bucharest!

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9 thoughts on “Contact / Appointments

  1. admin says:



    Adina Cicort (client)
    Adina hired you as a Alternative Therapies in 2011 and hired you more than once
    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
    “Daniela has unique qualities and tones of certifications in alternative therapies and holistic massage, and I recommend her services to anyone who is preoccupied with maintaining an excellent state of health.” August 19, 2012

  2. Nick says:

    Over the Ocean Greetings!
    Nick Staicu 3 Mar at 3:58 PM
    Daniela P.
    Message body

    Cheers from Canada! I am Miki – The Tall!

    as you said, many transformations are happening. And, beyond thinking, all of them are good.
    Deom the treatment session had at SanHiRa Center I had a kinh of special week:
    -i choose more consciouslly what I eat ( and much less meat), I think I already lost some weight;

    – even if I am an incurably optimist, I actually became more optimist;

    -I realized I sent constant that inner peace feeling( love, that pink cloud) to many more people and I had confirmation it was received. The tensions with which these meetings were “decorated” simply did not show up, much difference in the results of the talks, much more effective. Brilliant!

    -I had more sex than usual (even surprising partner’s initiatives)

    -I found (Free of charge from the public library) of an audio course (from 2014) by Tony Robbins (18 CDs usually costs a lot)

    I found that I sent to many more people
    The tensions with which these meetings were “decorated” simply did not show much difference in the results of the talks, much more effective. Brilliant!

    I had more sex than usual (even surprising partner initiatives)

    (Free of charge from the public library) of an audio course (from 2014) by Tony Robbins (18 CDs usually costs a lot)

    – An interesting thing: When I got home, I noticed that the barbecue behind the house lacked the cover; I find it extremely unlikely to have taken the wind, it was well connected (it has a kind of hedgehog at the bottom); I was not really happy about this and I even looked at the store for a new one ($ 60 + taxes, that’s a lot). And – surprise – over 2 days I found in my backyard the packed pouch and thrown over the fence (in the yard). Wow!

    -* I made the symbol (ankh type) with the 7 movements almost every day.
    * From time to time, I took the abdominal breathing from the HorseBackrider’s position.
    * In the airplane I did (what I remembered) that thing with the heart chakra, with my right hand on top.

    As I said, I do not know what you did, for I apparently just had a discussion, cleared my chackras 9 on the face and I felt this in the whole body!, unblocked my nose and sinuses, you convinced me to and I washed my sinuses with salted water, you stepped over my back barefoot, streched my back and whatever did you do with your hands when you did not touch me (but I felt how it cleansed inside the body Something from different places, very nice! Maybe it was Reiki, something with energy work?), But I feel all is so beneficial.
    I think about you and with gratitude – for the above but also for all the exercises reccemmended and learned together, and I think with a little feeling of love for all and the Universe, all beings (!) … comes from the heart chakra, Of course 🙂

    This meeting will remain very special to me, I am on the wave of transformations of all kinds; Professional, emotional, and especially energetic. Fantastic I feel!
    I am thankful to you from the depths of my heart,
    Reverence, goddess,


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