Re-Birth Treatment

Namaste! Our Holistic Massage Center’s believe: “When your mind is silent, your Heart is filled with Joy, your body will fly!”

We take care, this to happen during your massage sesion! Inside you Miracles are happening and that’s just the beginning of your Journey, your Re-Birth

“Learn the best, know the best – and then forget everything when you are face to face with the patient.”

– C.G. Jung.

Everyone deserves a massage treatment session that’s just right!

 From  teachers around the world and having thousands of hours of Holistic WellBeing sessions and various massage techniques and after over 19+ years of experience we carefully choose the most appropriate selection of therapies, bioenergy techniques, maneuvres and strokes, graduating the pressure, timing and the message of our touches, to Re-set the 4 rythms  of the phisical body, restoring the Natural Harmony.

After living for so long in this hectic urban pace, this is felt like a Re-Birth 

By simultaneously clearing the energetic subtle bodies: the mental body, the emotional and the causal body ( auric clearing and replenishing ) with specific methods, as well as guided meditation and holographic sound healing chanting duringt the Re-Birth Treatment & WellBeing session striving: “a maximum level of relaxation”, “pampering your very special well-being”, “a feeling simply unforgettable”, “releasing your life-long stress…”,“beautiful soul journey, beautiful smiles, beautiful life-changing touch…”

“At “Sanhira” we are looking forward to Re-set the Harmony inside you, by re-aligning the physical structure, major chackras as well as the not well-known ones, activating, opening and harmonising them and as well as rebalancing your energetic bodies and realigning your True Self to the Divine Universal Self. Namaste! Welcome!This makes always everybody smiling as rediscovering their “true real smile”: from the eyes, from the heart, from the inside, as a deep reverance and recognition of the Divine within You…”

When willing to discover this marvelous way of being,  the true WellBeing, maybe to experience more energy, get unstuck from whatever repetitive situations,mental clichees or activities and let go the burdens and shadows wich restricts your body to move freely and live happier, healthier, fullfiling your dreams & thrive it is the best choice for an appointment for your Re-Birth Treatment Session.

 We;ll find the perfect way to set up an appointment and make it happen.  At Sanhira WellBeing Center we are committed to working together with you to understand your specific needs for every time you visit us and deliver our best of what your massage session can be. Our expert massage therapists customize their bodywork using a range of therapies,,  Each treatment is focused on helping you attain your wellbeing goals, for what your body, mind  and spirit needs, for your heart to be filled with Joy, Love and Gratitude!As many others before you experienced Read their testinonials here.

We’ ll start our Re-Birth Journey, together at each and everyone of your appointment by knowing each other with a brief consultation on which we discuss the goals and the intention of this Re-Birth Treatment Session. Usually it can last from 90 minutes to 150 minutes or… more, depending how much you want to allow the changes within.

Rates are 77 eu/60 minutes, You can be interested also to read this

Live the change from WellBeing to ..MiRaCles on your way

 In LaK’ esh! (Mayan: Me is  You!,“I am another you” or “I am another yourself”)

 * The Ancient Sanskrit Blessing “Namaste!“ means: “I bow to the Divine in you!”,“The life in me sees and honors the Life in you!” or: “The Divine inside me salute the Divine inside you!” )

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