Everyone deserves a massage session that’s just right!

At Sanhira Massage Center we are committed to working together with you to understand your specific needs for every time you visit us and deliver our best of what your massage session can be.

Thai, feet cross... stretching Relaxing Sessions can last as long as You need/ Require/ Enjoy from 60 minutes up to maximum of 150 minutes, as we wish to respect  Your Body’s  4 Natural Rythms and physiological  needs, as well to respect our timetable. 

Relaxing session Rates: 47 euros/60 min. 

Healing sessions are the subject of a very different approach than the Relaxing Sessions.

Healing Sessions are Focused on Results like:Tibetan bowl, teas

Dissolving old tensions, from either Physical, Emotional, Mental Body or from the whole Biofield

Missallignement of the physical body (Miofascial Release)

Healing past Traumas, causing aches in different parts of the body( Neck Pains, Lower Back Pains, Ankle Pains, Shoulder pains, Feet and toes Pains, etc.)

Sleep Well, instead of Sleeping dissorders” (Di-Stress, Postural Realligning, restoring a new Healthy Biorythm, cleansing of the BioEnergeticFields, Thai Traditional Stretchings, re-educating Breathing: The Vital Force Breath short introduction and guided “Vital Life Breathing” , maybe some Tao-Yin exercise for at home, to keep your wellbeing as much as possilble, or… forever)

“Forgetting about Eating Dissorders” ( Wipping away the “Habbit of dezastruous Meals”, by Reflextherapy, associated with a new breathing pattern, some sequences of chinese energetic reflexe points, Thai Yoga Stretchings, introductory practice of the Six Healing Sounds of the Organs, for you to have at hand to use as much as you feel comfortable and happy with. Beyond all, your Flexibility and Luminosity are so much increased, You ( and everyone! ) see the difference. Immediatelly. 

Energetic Unblocking ( infusing with Light/detaching the “implants” or cutting the “Chords”

Measuring the Chackra’s activity and Realigning the energetic Vortexes

Cleansing and Harmonizing all Energetic Subtle Bodies.

Healing sessions Rates: 7euros for 60 min.Body, Mind and Soul Relaxation

This are lasting from at least 150 minutes up to 210 minutes, depending of the level of healing needed and the requested time and availability is the subject of each session charge accordingly with the above mentioned. Usually, it lasts 150 min. each session and this is available for 193 euros.

All above is done in the respect of all the ascended Masters or the living ones, for reciving news like this also from YOU, each and everyone of you:

“beautiful souls, beautiful smiles, beautiful massages…”

“At “Sanhira” the ladies are following through what they say in the presentation. They are always smiling real smiles, from the eyes, from the heart, from the inside, as a deep reverance and recognition of the Divine within You…”

In LaK’ esh! (Mayan: Me is  You!,“I am another you” or “I am another yourself”)

* The Ancient Sanskrit Blessing “Namaste! means: “I bow to the Divine in you!”, “The life in me sees and honors the Life in you!” or: “The Divine inside me salute the Divine inside you!” )


5 thoughts on “Rates: Massages vs. Healing

  1. Gerhard says:

    Just came back from you… seems that I fell in love with those hands. Thanks Carmen for a wonderful timeout. I’ll definetly visit you when I’m back in town!

    • admin says:

      Gerhard we are so happy you had such an “out-of-time flight”, this is our goal: to send Joooy, Love and Grattitude by our hands! Wish you all the best, daily MIracles! You’re welcomed, see u soon for your next journey in the Land of the Miracles: Sanhira, SanHiiiiRaaaa…

  2. Andy Pearson says:

    I am visiting Bucharest and would like to make an appointment for a 60 minute Thai Massage please. The only time I am free is Saturday 8th (any time) or Monday 10th in the morning only. Are you available?
    My number in Bucharest is 0724916163
    Thank you
    Andy Pearson

  3. Josef says:


    I will be traveling to Bucharest tomorrow (Tuesday) after flying 15 hours from Las Vegas and touring Prague.

    My legs feel so tight and burning and really need relief & relaxation.

    What treatment would you advise?

    Thank you,

  4. Gene says:

    Jun 9 at 6:13 AM

    Hello, SanHiRA!

    I have a great day, I’m in a great shape and I do look nicer!!
    My face now is more ,”my face”, I’ m Lighter, more flexible, sooo energised! Since mom brought me here, I’ve never been so ALIVE< woooow. It's my Re-Birth, indeed, Lady. Feeling GREAT, gorgeous !! Great massage business: services that are great!! Bring that to the US. And make great money!! Take this as an HUGE THANK YOU!!! From all my heart, Mr. Extraordinaire, :-)) Gino !! Sent from my iPhone

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