In the day by day activities, we are accumulating a lot of tensions, most of us in the shoulders area. The best you can do is to treat yourself right, and book an appointment for dissolving or release the Tension from the Shoulders & Neck…Disolving Shoulder's Tensions

Each one of your  Sanhira “Pain Relief ” Signature Massages can and usually integrates all the below mentioned Body therapies, as well as Energetic Healing.We are giving you more than a regular therapeutic, relaxing massage, a honey massage for detoxifying, maybe a Shiatsu massage, the Tsuboe bodywork, or the Thai Traditional Massage.

We deliver Results, always: 

relaxation and an improved every body’s health and spirit, a Re-Balanced, invigorated Life Force and Energy Fields!

Above all now you have a completely different mood: relaxed, a significantly improved self esteem and a big smile on your face … And a special mood which will last for few days, at least!

One 60 minutes session: 77 Euros


Please take some time for You

and realize that you never had a real massage before… arriving in Bucharest, at Sanhira Holistic Massage Center!