In the day by day activities, we are accumulating lots of tensions, most of us in the Back or Lower Back‘s area.

The best you can do is to treat yourself right and book an appointment for dissolving the lower backpain or release the tension from all body…

Each one of your Sanhira’s Signature Massages can and usually integrates all the above mentioned Body Therapies as well as Energetic Work. We are giving you more than a regular Therapeutic, Relaxing Massage &/a Deep Tissue Massage,a Foot Reflextherapy, Myofascial Release, maybe a Shiatsu massage, the Tsuboe Bodywork, the Thai Traditional Massage, Stretchings.

We deliver Results, always, in a short period of time: Relaxation and an Improved every Body’s Health and Serene Spirit, a Rebalanced, Invigorated Life Force and Energy Fields. Above all now you have a completely different mood: relaxed, a significantly improved self esteem and a big smile on your face … And a special mood which will last for few days, at least!

Beside this, you’re learning you some basic Tao-Yin exercises, to be done at home, for a long lasting result of your loosened and taller, more flexible body. Only 3 min./day allowing yourself to be aware of your posture is making a major improvement for your general wellbeing. Some knows it’s about energy, awareness…Some are calling it a Miracle.

Miracles are just happening, Yes! We are doing them. By God’s will.

One 60 minutes session: 77 Euros

Please take some time for you and realize that you never had a real massage before… arriving at Sanhira’s Massage Center!

2 thoughts on “BackPains? History ;-)

  1. Gaia Nevia says:

    Out—of—the—body experience opening one to new beginnings!
    Chronic back pain, became so severe in the past month that I have barely left my bed, and did not sit more than 2-3 minutes without consequences. Have tried chiropraxia, helps a little but not much, acupuncture, seems to take the pain away immediately but it lasts a little… And now, Daniela’s hands and energy straightened my whole life and sent me walking. Cooking, sitting, bending. This is after the first session. Dreaming of the next! Thank you!

  2. Gaia Nevia says:

    All senses awakened with aromatherapy and body from head to toes gently massaged with hot therapeutic oils – this would be as technical as it gets a description.
    But there’s so much more to it, under Daniela’s magic hands muscles relax and every bone starts shifting into his rightful place. Every cell is raised to a higher vibration that heals. I have felt lighter, more aware. I have walked out of the door straightened, my steps aligned, back pain forgotten, my shoulders aligned. I can breathe with ease through my nose which was impossible for many years without medication.
    My sleep is better, falling asleep with ease and waking up easily with a clear mind.
    Thank you Daniela, may God be with you always!

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