SanHiRa: Happy New YOU!

Dear Visitors at SanHira,

I’m still in a beautiful surprise to see what are you doing for Living Gracefully on this Planet! This is adding even more meaning to our Lotus Breeze encountering. Congratulations for your choice to Change.

We are just in a Journey on this Planet. To enJOOOY all the Divine
Gifts we discover along our Life Celebrating Event: Joy, Love, Gratitude, Grace, Beauty, Health, Truth, Sacred Relationships and Harmony.
As time, in the last few years became just an notion, years is… what we become in between 2 celebrations of this „so-called” New Year…

As the Poles of Earth and his Energy is in change, the Rhythm of our beloved Mother Earth is changing, we are in a continuing change, releasing all past clichees,,, all past negative imprints & /feelings, we are in the process of re-Birth…

…as all this should be named…

Haaaaaaappy Neeeeew YOU!



Mitakuye Oyasin!

In Lak’ esh ala Kin!


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