Sleeping DissordersAll we are aware how important is our sleep for our Health, for our Career (work), for our Relationships (Social), for Emotional balance and finally and most important, for our Personality. Improving Sleeping

A complete session for restoring Health and Re-Set your Biologic Rythm of Sleeping/ Awareness and inducing a good Sleeping is lasting approx. 190 minutes.

It consists in a Reflexotherapy (Foot, also Hand) session, some Thai Traditional StretchingsPostural Realignement ( removing the “knots”), restoring a Healthy way of BreathingBiotherapy cleaning of psiho-energo-emotional “imprints” (like garbage or, so named, “bad stress”) from our energetical bodies, Reiki treatment, Chackra’s measuring and rebalancing and, if necessary, Soul Restoration and Illuminating, infusing with Light all your Biofields. At the end the pure Bliss is a Dien-Cham Facial using Shea & Argan Butter.

Our state of the art Use of the Harmonious mixture of the Argan Oil ( so-called “The Green Gold”), with the Shea Oil, from the famous 5* and 6* for SPA-Hammam and Salon Brand-Name from Paris, “Charme D’Orient” in a variety of scents, such as: Amber, Jasmine, Fruits, Flowers, Roses, Orange Flowers,Ylang-ylang, Vanilla, Santal, Figues and Dates, Parfume D’Orient and Oriental Sweets take you in an wonderful Journey in the Land of the Queens and/or Kings.

We make use of special Crystals, Healing Sounds Therapy, Melotherapy and Light Therapy.

This all integrated therapies in only one session are inducing a good sound sleep also bringing back the harmony in your body, mind and soul. This is felt usually like you are ” lighter”, “Taller”, more flexible and, definitely, more optimistic, you feel good, in harmony.Sleeping Dissorders

Cost/ session: 192 Euros

The effects will be felt immediatelly, after the first session.

It is also reccomended and teached some specific breathing exercises to be done every time you may consider. helpful..

To the session can be added,another 10-15 min., If interested, of Tai-Chi and/ or Tao-Yin postures (very easy, simple exercises and fun! ) so you’ll be in a great shape for at least 3 months.

In some severe cases it may be needed 2 or 3 sessions, but cases was a good sleeeping appeared after the 1st session. Next to be repeated after more than 3 months. Sometimes was reported 6 months of great good sound sleep with an about normal program of trips around the world.

For a brief consultation about the way we can work together to improve your Sleep and beyond this, for a Miraculous Health feel free to call 0040 745074839 of fill in the contact form. You’ll get a reply within the next 3-4 hours or sooner.