Massage Services

Perfect acustomised Relaxing Massage, officially certified & Smiling Personnel for Memorable Massages:

 Facial Reflexology (the Vietnamese Dien -Cham Method),

Hand Reflexology and Foot Reflexology,

 Swedish Aromatherapy Massage( using only pure Swiss Essential Oils! ),

 Hot Stones Ritual,


Thai Massage ( Wat Po Traditional School, Bangkok, Thainland)

Chakra Balancing Therapy, Tsuboe Points Method, Bowen Technique, Healing Sounds, Reiki Therapy, Energetic healing,

Healing Touch Therapy, Spiritual Therapies, Chi-Chung, Tai Chi, Guided Meditation, Personalized Therapy,

Oriental Assortment of Teas and the ancient secret of the Tibetan bowls music used for their virtues as Healing Sounds, as well as the recently re-discovered secret of the Holographic Crystal Singing Bowls for restoring our Health at our deepest level within our Bodies by playing at them: unique enchanting Harmonics

In one word: a Harmonious approach of the Massage Therapy, an Oriental body-soul-and-mind Relaxation!Body, Mind and Soul Relaxation

Your Body Revitaliser and Tonic Water in Bucharest!

Many thanks for trusting us!

For an appointment,

for reaching us, a map, some photos of the surroundings:

7 stars for a transformative Memorable Massage Experience, 17+ years of activity,


You’re Perfectly Refreshed, Revitalised, Reshaped, Rejuvenated, because each Sanhira Signature Massage was Tailored exactly for You

3 thoughts on “Massage Services

  1. I feel FANTASTIC! After 1 week I still feel so good. Thank you, Carmina!
    This girl has 100 hands, magic hands. When she „pointed” her fingers near my neck, I felt a huge pain . Next milisec., was gone, dissolved the tension, felt like reborn.
    Indeed my friend was so right, you girls are so special, the best massage team I ever met. I still hear the sounds of the Hathors bowl in my ears, every time I feel tired, close my eyes and think at the time I spent in your place, makes me feel refreshed, fit again. Very good taste decorations, hope to come back soon!
    Joy, Love and Gratitude!

    Christian( the „Austrian living in London”)

  2. „This was probably the best, BEST massages I’ve ever had. The therapist was so nice and positive. And you could really feel she knows what she’s doing. I mean, any massage can’t get any better than this. And that’s exactly how you want to feel in a hotel room after six hours flight. Thanks for being so experienced and dedicated to your work, I’ll come back in Bucharest soon and I’m dreaming to be back here to have another massage experience. I wish you great success, you’re so gifted, I’m so happy I choose to be in your hands! Thank you, SanhiRaaaaa Massage Center, Thank you so much!”

    Kenneth, New York

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