Relaxing & Recharge Massage is designed to wipe out every tension from your whole body under professional & 19+ experienced massage certified  therapists hands.

 A state of the art of ancient massage techniques in a charming fusion with modern energy devices for clearing the mind chatter and fill each and  every body.s cells with softness. using oriental fragrance oils to restore the flexibility, to infuse you with serenity and harmony. put a big smile inside your soul, make your skin glow and eyes to sparkle,as you always desired.

Relaxing & Recharging,Massage is designed for the ones exhausted or having overworked muscles from the gym, skying, marathon or horsebackriding, golf sessions, also for actors, dancers, singers and surfers offering a memorable inspiring massage session. A sensoriat massage,due to the multitude of messages send to each sq. cm of your body, not only from all the surface of the skin, but also “a dance of the energies… inside you”,

Take your time to upgrade your Wellbeing and  gift yourself the magic hands on !

Just schedulle time to relax your 6 senses, lean back, re-charge yourself, center and enjoy it.i

This is Your Whole Body Tonic!

Taking care every Relaxing & Recharge Massage session delivers the most of your Wellbeing in a pleasurable  massage session.

You;ll want to repeat it every time.

One 60 minutes session: 47 Euros

Reccomended,: 90 minutes  sessions, 67 Euros