Smiles of your relaxed body is brought to you by Certified therapists of The Wat Po Thai School of Bangkok, Thailand…

At Sanhira, a Thai Traditional session of one hour makes you fly, because this alleviates all the tensions from the muscles, tendons, articulations. We use the acupressure lines as well as the stretchings, from these postures like yoga, is an interactive massage session.

There are 108 postures and a full session in which is applied all the maneuvers is lasting 3 hours. We are not at all tired and while doing this we smile! These unique massage sessions are individually crafted using various appropriate knowledge and driven by a keen sense of responsibility to the people who trusts us.

One session of 60 minutes of Thai massage: 47 Euros,

Extended 90 minutes session: 77 Euros

or 180 minutes session 147 Euros.

When we are doing one of our Sanhira Massage Sessions, we are doing it well, since 2003 till now.



That’s why who’s coming is coming back! From allover the world…

Many thanks to You, who trusted us!

The Ancient Sanskrit Blessing “I bow to the divine in you!”
( The Divine inside me salute the Divine inside you!)