Forget Cellulite Massages


Inner Illuminating & Forget Cellulite

We proudly announce we received The 1st Prize Product of The Year 2013, at the Salon de Beaute Paris: the Exclusive Inner Illuminating Formula of Pierre D’Alaun Body GommageCharme D' Orient ProductsBased on Argan Oil, enriched with Honey and Royal Gelly, beyond the unique formula,  parfumed with various amazing scents of Amber, Jasmine, Fruits, Roses, Fleurs D’Orangers du Sicilly and Figues and Dates.

Our state of the art Use of the Harmonious mixture of the Argan Oil ( so-called „The Green Gold”), with the Shea Oil, from the famous 5* and 6* for SPA-Hammam and Salon Brand-Name from Paris, „Charme D’Orient” in a variety of scents, such as: Amber, Jasmine, Fruits, Flowers, Roses, Orange Flowers,Ylang-ylang, Vanilla, Santal, Figues and Dates, Parfume D’Orient and Oriental Sweets take you in an wonderful Journey in the Land of the Queens of Beauty.

Queen’s Secret Session: Inner Illuminating & Forget Cellulite

 will surprise YOU AND everyone with the miraculous and stable results from the 1st session: 190min of:Charme D'orient Huille Figues and Dates


Exclusive Care

for adipose tissue:„FORGET Cellulite”! Plus: Body Reshaping, Transforming Adipose in Lovelly Firm SkinForget Cellulite 

Fit & Slim Breath Exercise for at Home to use always to keep you in Ballance and, above all, lots of Laughs.

„Can be added also:, depending of your choice,

Energetic Unblocking,

Chackra’s Reballance,.

Queen’s Secret Session’ s the best Therapy for the each and every Woman!


190 mins, 193 euros

EnJOY & Glow!

Feel the difference, feel as a Queen:

Natural Facelift

Facial Massage Sessions is designed to relax, tone-up and make skin glow.

Special care for your eyes and cheecks:

For the eyes circles we make use of special Crystals, for an .Chrystals Therapy Session

Simply, Amazing Youthening  Session.

 Your face is 10 years younger, You too!

Inner Illuminating session- 37 euros (60 minutes )

Allow yourself to be wonderfully treated, pampered, infused with calm and  Joy. …Just like a Beauty Queen!

Your Body, just Brighter!

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