After a long flight the Jet-Lag is pretty annoying, huh? That;s exactly when our Jet Lag Removal Massage you can benefit most! You just found Your Whole Body RevitaliserMassage Bucharest is Perfect Acustomised for each one and all of Your Visits,focused on Refreshing, ReVitalising, Rejuvenating, ReGenerating, Relaxing Massage, Stress Free, Pain Free,

Respecting your needs by Oficially Certiffied & Experienced Professinal Therapists

When you can benefit our SanHiRa Therapeutic Proffesional Massage? Even intensive traveller with many flights in a short time interval can cause Sleeping Dissorders.If just landed in Bucharest, consider us your partner in restorin your Sleeping, even improving your Health, benefit from an app. at Your Whole Body Revitaliser. 

Your Whole Body RevitaliserMassage Bucharest, Specialised  in Delivering Miraculous Results in the shortest time!  

Discover the Ease of movement, Energy Flowing through your whole Body book Your Whole Body Revitaliser: Massage Bucharest, an Oasis for an Oriental Body, Soul and Mind Relaxation .

6 stars for an Amazing Massage Experience, from our 19+ years of activity,

You;ll find how is to be fully Energised, how is dissolvedall sorts of pains, NeckPains, BackPains, sore Palms and Shoulders Pains, cramps & misallignements, Headaches, Migraines, Jaw & Ears Pains, Soles & Feet Pains,)  from your all subtle Bodies (  the Phisical Body,, the  Mental Body, the Emotional, Body and the Causal Body) , and Infuse your Whole Bodies with Light and Harmony. Most important: Beyond and above all: 

Find out how Mind quiets,

 Find YourSelf Peacefull, Cristal-Clear Vision & Focused.

Life flows Beautifully through your Body, Renew, Replenished, Recharged.

Feeling as Well, Beimg as Well,as ever desired.

Well Being.

That’s what you get after one Massage Session of 60 minutes: an Harmonious mix of  Massage Techniques:

Swedish Aromatherapy Massage

Facial Vietnamese Reflexology

Foot Reflexology and Hand Reflexology,

 Deep Tissue Massage

Energy Meridian Lines  Massage,

Hot Stones Massage,


Thai Massage ( Wat Po Traditional School, Bangkok, Thainland)

 We ‘re using the best of Shea Butter, Argan, Jojoba and Coconut oils from sunny Morrocco or Brasil, as well as for Aromatherapy only pure Swiss Essential Oils!

Body, Mind and Soul Relaxation



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Your Bucharest’s Massage Revitaliser, an Oasis for an Oriental Body, Soul and Mind Relaxation

6 stars for an Amazing Massage Experience, from our 19+ years of activity,

Appointments: 11,30- 20,30, Mo-Fri, only by phone 004-0745074839. Recommended with more than 30 min before your arrival time… When possible, with one day before appointment being better.

Extraodinary Massages: Sanhira Massage Center: 23A, Balcescu Nicolae Boulevard, District 1, Bucharest 

Happy to be at service for the ones trusting us!

For You, the whole body Tonic in Bucharest!


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Sanhira Massage Center: 0040 745 074 839

 23A, Balcescu Nicolae Boulevard, District 1, Bucharest