Hi Daniela,

finally I find the time to write you! It has been almost a year since I visited you. So I want to take this times of Christmas to be gratefull to have met you in this big world and
I want to thank you for everything you did for me and Tonny.
We are very happy and joyfull lately. And with my yoga practice I am deepening my insights in myself, and I see still some blocked energy especially in my emotional body.
I think about receiving love, is one of the most difficult for me now! Giving is no problem 🙂

Anyway, this will resolve itself easy as I will continue my practice daily. And so my body, mind and soul will become stronger and more receptive for love!
How is everything going with you and your love?

I wish you all the best: a very merry christmas and a happy, joyfull, lovely 2013 in perfect health and harmony!



( 21.12.2012 Vicky D. C. )


Some lines… as during time, some people noticed:

“Thanks for the massage, was a great difference from everything I’ve had before. You’re doing a kind of psyhology work, by touching people in so many ways, healing at so many levels. You really are such a skilled professional!”

Patrick, Belgium,/2011/20/01 at 23:53

“I loved the Hot Stones Therapy, I’m moving my neck again, normally. I realised during the massage: my whole body needed this treatment, not only my neck, wooow, biiig, big difference you made! Can I keep this stone?
Many thanks for the all the time you dedicated to me, for the short seminar about energies, stones, singing ( and healing!) bowls, for quality time I’ve didn’t expected before my arrival. I was looking for a simple, regular massage, just to get rid of my neckpain. I received more than that, an amazing experience! In’ La Kesh!

In šhāʾ Allāh (إن شاء الله) ( Arabic term to  “God‘s willing” or “If it is God’s will”) Greetings, Khairy Ramadan (Egypt)December 12, 2010 at 02:40

“This was probably the best, BEST of best massages I’ve ever had. The therapist was so nice and positive.  And you could really feel she knows what she’s doing. I mean, any massage can’t get any better than this.  And that’s exactly how you want to feel in a hotel room after six hours flight. Thanks for being so experienced and dedicated to your work, I’ll come back in Bucharest soon and I’m dreaming to be back here to have another massage experience. I wish you great success, you’re so gifted, I’m so happy I choose to be in your hands!  Thank you, Sanhira Massage Center, Thank you so much!”

Kenneth, (New York)2010/12/11 at 23:53

I feel FANTASTIC, again! Came back in Bucharest and wanted to find out why last time I felt so good. Carmina,”the girl with 100 hands” it’s true, a real person with magic hands! Or she’s knowing such a technique wich I never had before? For sure, I’m amazed! The tension from several flyights in just 3 days is gone, I just fell like reborn. My compliments to you, Ladies, great job you’re doing there! Special mix of skills, kindness and positive approach: “Formula 1 in the Massage world” I ever met. My friend from London, Christian will be my guest in the Japanese restaurant from Dubai Madeina, for recommending me this “must go in Bucharest” ;-) ) I wish all my beloved to have some time inside your place, I just felt… PERFECT!!! Thank you! Ash ( Dubai)2010/12/02 at 19:57

“Thank you for how you take care of me, for all you did for me. I feel fantastic, GREAT! You’re an extraordinary person, a very good professional. Looking forward for the next Reiki treatment, next week, Best ragards, Fillipe, Portugal2010/11/21 at 00:38

I feel FANTASTIC! After 1 week I still feel so good. Thank you, Carmina!
This girl has 100 hands, magic hands. When she “pointed” her fingers near my neck, I felt a huge pain . Next milisec., was gone, dissolved the tension, felt like reborn.
Indeed my friend was so right, you girls are so special, the best massage team I ever met. I still hear the sounds of the Hathors bowl in my ears, every time I feel tired, close my eyes and think at the time I spent in your place, makes me feel refreshed, fit again. Very original, tasteful decorations, hope to come back soon!
Joy, Love and Gratitude! Christian( the “Austrian living in London”)2010/11/02 at 19:51

Sei super! bellissima, ti amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Suuuper! Super foto, baci, baci, Marina, Italy2010/11/01 at 19:41

Hola, Me gustó! Me amaba, que son muy claras.Tan clara y positiva.
Muchas, muchas gracias, Senora !2010/10/14 at 00:01

I was out of time during you r beautiful and most relaxing massage. For sure, I will return when I am back in ucharest. Eszter from HUngary2010/10/11 at 17:26

Hallo Daniela

Es war fantastisch, habe noch nie so eine gute Massage bekommen! Ich komme bestimmt wieder! Kann ich kaum erwarten! Du bist einzigartig! :-)

Bussi, Krisztina ( aus Österreich)2010/09/27 at 21:12

ЎGracias! Ahora me irй en este blog cada dнa!
Gracias, BernieR2010/09/27 at 08:15

Hallo, von Wien,

Vielen Dank, war stark,gut. Meinen, war gut für meinen Rücken, sehr gut gemacht, Gruesse Karmina!Mfg, Hans2010/09/25 at 19:18

Indeed, I felt like flying, visiting an oriental country: maybe because of the music with oriental sounds, maybe because of the thai massage maneuvers… Above all, I enjoyed so much the massage on my shoulders-neck-head. Actually, I loved the scalp massage, definetelly this changed my mood.
Many thanks, Doctora Adana! Jose-Portugal010/09/23 at 00:51

“For the first time in the last 14 years, I slept so good, also tonight! Yesterday night I falled asleep before taking my daily Valium pill, I woke up feeling so smooth, having a good approach at my meetings, wow! After the long flights as now, at least 72 hours was needed to be in such a good shape( but using Valium…)! When stepping on my back, I wanted to stop her, but she’s really knowing what’s to be done… Well done! Thanks to Lori ( Magic Hands) ! Andres ( Las Vegas)2010/08/26 at 14:53

“Dear Sanhira,

The BEST, total 100% whole holistic expirience, combined with Thai massage, I ever in my 50 years life have had.
I can give then very clean a nice place a 5 stars, but can be difficult to find , since ther eis no signs, but I manege to find it. IT IS WORTH IT!
Kind regards, Jan ( from Denmark)2010/08/25 at 16:00

“I have experienced many different techniques of massage in many places in the world, but no massage has been as memorable and healing as your touch, Daniela. In one extended session under your guidance, I reached a level of contentment I didn\’t think possible. I regret that my very limited time in Bucharest allowed for only one, magical experience, but I will certainly be back for more. -Erekosh2010/08/24 at 23:43

SENSING…Some extracts from our Guest Book( years of 2003-2005)

After an Sanhira massage the changes( as some people noticed) are:

“A remarkably improved wellbeing”, Nicolas-Athens 2005-17th of December)

“Wishing I was back there getting massaged by the “Sanhira”‘s -Prikshit, New Delhi, India ( 2005, 7th of October)

“A positive approach towards daily challenges”, Peter-Munich, 2005, 26th 0f June

“Glowing skin and smiling face”, Errin, Brussels 2005, 2nd of April

“An increased Sensitivity, a maximum level of relaxation” Aldo, Zurich 2005, 10th of March

“…pampering your very special wellbeing you come to a feeling simply unforgettable” Simon-Greenpeace) 2005, 3rd of January

“releasing your stress…” Mark-London ( 2004, 1st of October)

“I WILL SPREAD THE WORD THANK YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND 🙂 ” Tom Rich-USA, California  (2004-12th of June)

“At  Sanhira  the ladies are following through what they say in the presentation. They are always smiling real smiles, from the eyes, from the heart, from the inside! Beautiful souls, beautiful smiles, beautiful massages…” Gherassimos-Greece 2004, 3rd of August)

“A deep desire for a harmonious life with your partner”…( Luca-Italy-2004-1st of June)

“Being energetic, rebalanced, harmonious and optimistic,  my attitude is attracting solutions and people like a magnet easily achieving my goals, such as: Health, Abundance, Happiness!” (Kevin, Washington D.C.-2004, 08th of January)

The place is like one I was before, in Bali. The massage is something I can just dream to have it again, very different from everything I had over the world! Javier, Madrid-2003, 9th of September)

9 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Ana says:

    Hi, hello
    Dani, ne reintalnim dupa 2 ani si vreau sa iti multumesc pentru experienta frumoasa, pentru toate lucrurile bune si minunate pe care le – am invatat, pentru tot ce s-a deschis frumos, usor si toate proiectele si visele pe care le-am implinit apoi cu usurinta
    , gratios, fara zbaterile anterioare, cand totul era cu mult efort si catre final, …aparea… cate o “Fata Morgana”, totul se naruia. acum, viata mea a devenit ca un zbor lin, pasii merg senin, e uluitor, multumesc!
    Am primit asa de multa Lumina si lucruri noi in viata mea, cea Mai frumoasa experienta!
    Imi Doresc sa pot descrie in cuvintele potrivite, pentru ca toti cei ce trec prin perioade dificile si “lucrurile nu li se leaga” sa faca o schimbare de prioritati, sa -si daruiasca o binemeritata pauza, sa intre in interiorul lor si acolo vor gasi toate raspunsurile, toate intrebarile de care au fugit se vor ridica la suprafata si se vor arata solutii, clarificari, apoi, imediat apar rezolvarile, materializarile si ..uimirea ta, a tuturor care vor observa schimbarea la tine, in tine, in felul in care te percep; oameni pe care voiai sa-i gaseti, acum te cauta ei, eu traiesc acum un vis pe care-l tot intrerupeam, nici nu=mi dadeam voie sa-l visez pana la capat. Chiar a doua zi, toti cunoscutii cu care m-am intalnit mi-au atras atentia ca arat mult mai bine, mai tanara, chiar m-au banuit ca am facut ceva operatii estetice la tot corpul, in special la fata!
    E o STARE, o cu totul alta stare, totul e mult mai CLAR> Despre starea asta in care te simti mult mai TU, mai INTREG! intelege Doar cine a fost, cine va veni acolo. Doar acestia care ajung in lumea magnifica a energiei mainilor tale, in interiorul ‘Coconului de Energie” SanHiRa stiu la ce ma refer.despre ce iti scriu.

    I went here for an emotional release of an childhood trauma and I discovered is possible to unlock my full potential within me, after soooo many years of suffering of Depression, Sleep Dissorders, relationships crushing, narrow working opportunities, in one word, destroyed. Now I walk near my beloved and supportive boyfriend, I have the harmonised relationship I ever dreamed at, a job which is suited to my tallents, I create unique jeweleries for arabic women, I live in a country where sun is plenty and I fel stronger and Flexible, all is possible, I love my NEW LIFE!
    I Cellebrate my Re-Birth at SanHiRa daily, starting my day with My MIRACLE Journal and a 15 minutes of pampering myself with fresh and healthy breakfast and some tao-Yin exercises for my back and … all is completelly delicious and I have a Luscious Lifestyle Program.
    All because I dared to take a great decision and change my Life ASAP.
    I trusted You, Miss Daniela, for the Guided Imaggery Meditation Sessions!
    …and this is the best thing I ever did, thank YOu from the bottom of my heart.

    Looking forward to meeting you again, for an up-to date worshop or …more, for new techniques i can implement in my daily routine.

    I keep recommending and talking about this Experience and all the great events happened to me during ( and…mainly after!) our Journey.
    Bright and shine…
    Thank you from all my heart, you are a wonderful person, Miss Daniela.

    From all my heart, manny Blessings to You,

    *** now from U.A.E, Dubai

  2. PW says:


    Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment, it was more than I expected. I felt extremely relaxed in your care, your explanation and execution of the session with you. Your treatment was excellent and I will definitely be back!
    Thanks again, take care and all my best to you.

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