Neck Pains

Neck Pains

Neck Pains? …Uuuuuuh!pain_neck_when_to_worry_106068

That nagging Neck Pain that’s been bothering you for the past few days?

Want to Dissolve Your Neck Pain?

If, “YEEEEEES!”, it’s time to Take Good Care of Your Neck!

Here Your neck is treated well, as to restore the good flow of energies and the whole body to became, again, flexible and fit!

From Sweedish Massage to Deep Tissue work, using some Hot Stones

Massage: A lot of neck pain is caused by stress, overuse, and misuse—for example, sitting hunched over the computer for too long every day because you have to meet those deadlines. A massage will help release that tension and relieve muscle inflammation and pain.  Consider getting regular massages as a neck pain prevention measure.

  • Devil’s Claw: Devil’s claw comes from southern Africa, where it has been used for centuries to treat fever, arthritis, and gastrointestinal problems. Today, it’s used for conditions that cause inflammation and pain, like cervical osteoarthritis.
  • Yoga and Pilates: By asking for, you’ll discover how helpful, effective and fun this can be. Just by doing them, 3 minutes/day, will change your life. From Pain to JOY. Enjoy!

Relief with these alternative treatments.  Especially the treatments that focus on relieving tension or stress (massage or yoga) can prove particularly helpful if your neck pain is related to tight muscles and/or the physical effects of stress.  As a reminder:  these treatments may need to be used in conjunction with other neck pain treatments in order to fully address your pain, the underlying spinal condition, and any other neck-related symptoms you may have.

Want to stay away from neck pains?

Want keeping the good shape after our massages?

If “YES”, ask about that!

We’ll show you some simple, easy exercises, Yoga-like or Chi-Chung  and stretching movements, as well as some secret Breathing techniques which fits to YOU.  Can be incorporated just about everywhere and this will make a big difference, keeping you Flexible and Energized.  Just only as YOU always wanted to become.

You can do these simple stretches for a healthy neck just about anywhere, including when you’re at work and while watching TV.

Your Body, but Brighter!

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