If you recognise yourself in one of theese situations, say it loud: “Yeees!”. We’re here just because we choose to say “Yeees!” and we inherited some knowledge and we are willing to make your days Brighter…

Working in a multinational and having plenty of extended business trips as well as working too much in the office sometimes becomes too stressfull and may require lots of massages for your back, to preserve your Health and also, your Wealth!

You may be already tested many massage places in Romania, or in Bucharest as well as abroad, always you may be needing something more: as atmosphere, as personal welcoming approach (a tea at the beggininng of the session or at the end, another kind of massage oils: free of chemichals, parabens, just some details…to make you feel it was worth your time and to remember it, to want to come back…

I wish everyone of You to feel the Miracle of Re-Birth at least as I did when my GrandGrandma’ was taking me in her extraordinary Journeys to the Sacred Land in her unique way: before sleeping time, some fresh Basil leafes placed on the impecable clean towels, on the bed, wild roses in the water from the bathroom and then: …under  her magic hands dancing like ” editing” on my body, as deep inside of my every cell as she was elongating my telomeres and…her whispering voice remembering nature’s sounds in an preparation for the Magic: opening the gates for the Miracle to appear. That is when you feel as huge as the Milky Way, powers grow beyond words,,,: Ssssss, SsssaaaAn……Hiiiii……RaaaaaAa, sssss…

Everytime I felt like newborn and my mind was coming back from a journey inside my body, as my soul travelled out of time, in a fairytale land: in my Amazing Sacred Land inside Me, where you’re just Perfect! Because you’re so relaxed, because you just remembered how are You!Whem  Universe inside you smile and dances.

GrandGrandma’ Zamfira was so skilled in making everybody to became relaxed, refreshed, or even, Healed… And the people from three villages was leaving her house wondering themselves: “Woooo_hooo, ANEW!” in romanian dialect: “S-n Hirea mea!”

” Being so different from so many other Zamfira from that area, as her eyes were deep blue, like SAPHIRES)  women in that area, they named her: *‘S-n Hirea mea, S-nHire, SanHiRa

!*’S-n Hirea mea”, became an archaic regionalism, the short form of “Sunt in firea mea, ( Ma simt bine!), in an approximative translation I’m in my Good Mood, I’m fine, in my best of WellBeing *Hi, Chi, energy, *A hi, a fi= to be*.

From Her I understood the Essence of Life, the Purpose of our existence on Earth: being Here, Now: we all are to be Expression of Joy, Flowers of Life, our Smiles are coming from the Heart and our Life is a Miracle! We are able to Create RealLIFE Miracles, like she did, with GOD and each and every person!

I am here to share with you her wisdom, care and Infinite Love, infused with a hint of modern approach, perfect acustomised for the busy “little Paris”.

Welcome at Sanhira Massage Center!!


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Thank you very much for the great massage and the ride to the airport. Is it possible for me to have a massage on Monday before I leave for Cluj?

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