Energy Healing

At your 1st Energy Healing Session at SanHiRa we shall identify and adress the root cause of annoying health issues wich not cured by the classical medicine. While your Energy Healing Session we shall focus on improving your health and wellbeing.

Do you want Results from the first Energy Healing session?

Looking for Long term sustainable Healings?

If “Yes!” make time for a brief consultation to see how we can work together.

An Energy Healing can include some or all the below, depending of case/person:

* We shall be Cleansing and Harmonizing of the BioEnergeticFields, thus, feeling Lighter.

* We shall do Energetic Unblocking ( infusing with Light/detaching the “implants” or cutting the “Chords”) felt as uplifting heavy weights from all-over your skin surface;

* We shall Measure the Chackra’s activity and Realigne the energetic Vortexes,The Life Changing Point

* By Replacing/ Shifting The Ensemblange Point, The Electromagnetic Core of our being, The so-called by Shamans “LifeChanging Point” people felt like all bad turned to good in a matter of days or instant sometimes.

* You may be interested in the Introductory practice of the Six Healing Sounds of the Organs, wich allows you to shift your Health just breathing and using theese specific ancient sounds.

* You may experience Vital Force Breath short introduction and guided “Vital Life Breathing” amd so your health benefits greatly.

* You may love this Introductory practice of The Inner Smile and turn bad emotions into Power. 

* As well as Tao Yin exercises and, guided Healing Meditations to be continued by You, after you’ve been reminded about The Innate Inner Healer.

Energy Healings Sessions Rates: 7euros for 60 min.

* Depending of your willingness and focus to became aware of your true Powers as Auto-Healer, Miracle Energy Auto-Healing Training Sessions may vary from 90 min( 107 euros) up to 150 min( 184 euros). 

This is reccommended after one integrated Massage Session.

* High Frequency Attunements are available upon requests, details and timimg is subject to discussion, in privat, with each person.


One reply on “Energy Healing”

One thought on “Integrative Healing”
August 4, 2014 at 11:42
I’m in total surprise, many annoying issues (which I was considering is quite normal!!) just dissolved, at
the first session> Waaaaaw! Yoo-Yooo! After one week, I still wonder how different I see everything, my
blurry sight became so clear. My optometrist is shocked: I have the eye exam. results better than I had at
28 y.o.!!!
My belly now looks like “SIX SEXY PACKS”, feels in peace, I’m In Peace, in Harmony, I just feel ME!
Forgot about the pills for my “musical belly”!
A lot of people just tells me: “You look so different. You did some surgery to your waist? You have a nicer
face. What happened to you?” And I Smile: I’m HAPPY!
Daniela it’s obvious how devoted you are to your work; you sparkle, you shine – and you share your love
throughout the process of clearing and healing. I want you to know how truly grateful I am for this: Your
input in my healing process is one that I’ve been in need of for a very long while. Hence your work is a
godsend – to me and, I’m sure, to many others who need more peace in their souls.
Thank you so much for making my smile a bigger one, YaaaaaaaaAAa

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