Reiki-as Art of Spiritual Healing
Uppon request, Reiki can be used here and now for You during the Massage Sessions.
Having the Usui Reiki attunements or even being accredited as Reiki Master, when our personnel is working on you, any of your massage sessions is felt in an distinctive way, the effect of each touch is more intense, different approach. We are willing to share with you the gift received from our masters, to make you feel the Joy, Love and Gratitude!The Radiance Technique
Ok, so you have read about Reiki, but precisely what exactly is Reiki? If you’re just like many people, you are within this category. Countless have read about it, yet do not understand what it is or the way it could possibly help them.
Basically Reiki is a Japanese form of self-healing and self development. Often times it is categorized under energy healing or laying on of hands. It is said to have been rediscovered in the 1900s by a man by the name of Mikao Usui while on a twenty-one day spiritual retreat in Japan on the top of Mt. Kurama.
There are 3 stages to Reiki:
The initial level (1st Degree or Shipiden 1) deals with understanding how to balance and align yourself, thus letting the circulation of this Divine energy to help you.
The second level has to do with learning how to help other people on this Divine power, regardless of whether they’re right in front of you or maybe on the other side of the globe, distance healing. It is during the 2nd stage that you figure out how to make use of this power for healing previous traumas and hurts along with the way to send it in the future for best possible results for all concerned. Within this sense, it could be comparable to remote influencing. There is, however, an ideal in Reiki to always be considered, “wish harm to none”.
After that we come to the third stage, also referred to as the Master stage. At this level, the person will become the instructor. As a Reiki Master, you discover how to move Reiki to a different person. Being a Reiki Master, you learn about a number of sophisticated healing methods to greater assist your customers in their Healing practice.
All in all, this kind of energy healing dates as far back as ancient Egypt. It’s funny that folks see it as “new age” since the truth is that “conventional” or “Westernized” medication is the real “new age”.
And so, what do you get from being a reiki master?
Well, Reiki has been shown to;
* ease pain and tension
* decrease or eliminate unwanted side effects to chemo and various other pharmaceuticals
* minimize inflammation
* helps bring about feelings of tranquility, relaxation and a deep Spiritual connection
* improve the immune system
*  improves energy (demonstrated in some to boost red blood cells)
*  aids with insomnia
* it speeds up the healing process
* can result in clearer thinking
* helps with instinct and inner knowing
* can help with acceptance and letting go
* may assist strengthen confidence
* can give a feeling of being connected to ALL humans and creatures and the World around us
* may bolster feelings of compassion, forgiveness and affection
* may help in detoxing
* Used regularly, some have even had remarkable healings and also recoveries from most varieties of illnesses and injuries. (Although this isn’t the norm)
In addition as a  Usui Reiki Master you could be on your way to a brand new career as a Reiki Practitioner or even teacher. Reiki is all about helping individuals wake up to their full potential, resulting to much Healthier, Happier, more Fulfilling lives.
So with this in mind, would you desire to become a Reiki Master? Just tell us, when you prefer your Reiki session to be scheduled/

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Five weeks ago I got Healing Session at the Sanhira center. Since then, I feel really great, much lighter and more focused in my daily life. In combining different massage techniques she rebalanced my body from the toes to the skull. I was astonished at her knowledge about healing techniques and the functioning of the human body. She opened my eyes in different ways and I am very grateful.

Thank you very much for everything!
I appreciate your work a lot!
I wish you a very nice summer!


P.S. For sure I will come back!

Very good massage! It will be valuable in gold to anyone who wants a realy good massage! Never had one as well as yours, truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – can’t wait to be again in that magic room… Greetings from the rainy Bruexelles :-))

Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

“Thank you for how you take care of me, for all you did for me. I feel fantastic, GREAT! You’re an extraordinary person, a very good professional. Looking forward for the next Reiki treatment, next week,

Best ragards,
Fillipe, Portugal

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