Healing Sounds

The effects of the ancient chant UT-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA used to heal, can be played now at the Holographic Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, in an amazing Concert of the Tibetan and Holographic Bowls.

Feel as an taking part of an Intergalactic Sounds Journey, in an fusion Oasis of Orient-Occident?

The sacred frequencies were wisely choosen by our ancestors for Spiritual Healing Purposes, like :

UT-396HZ- Liberating Guilt and Fear;

RE-417Hz-Undoing situations and facilitating Change;

MI-528HZ-Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair!!!!) This sound of the Heart Chakra, That’s the Miracle!

FA-639Hz-Connecting/ Relationships  (the ship for the relations, the one who runs, turns, transforms the relationships)

In this hectic Bucharest, where we just hear noises, an soothing healing sacred sounds Concerto may be a good beginning for restoring your wellbeing , as well as a new journey of transformative  events.

Beside meeting extraordinary people, we’ll be chanting, laughing &  heartfelt Jooooy, Love and Gratitude will be accompanying exquisite teas and many more. Expect Miracles!

For purchasing your Entrance Crystal Key, Teas at your choice from our “Oriental Journey” menu list, for reservations and details: https://www.massagebucharest.com/contact-appointment/

Sanhira Holistic Centre launches this Event Concerto series each Friday, starting with 6. p.m., in the first week of each month of this beLoved and Magic Times, starting with december 2013!


In Lak’ esh!

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