Learning Massage

Massage is an ancient form of healing, as natural and easy as breathing.
At request to became skilled in this art,,trainings for:
classical massage ( Known also as Sweedish Massage),
* Thai Traditional massage,
For more details and any questions on how we can help you with this, please contact us about timing, prices and whatever may be helpful for you, 
Being able to communicate by touch can be an experience making you able to see from the other side and dissolve some tensed situations. Minimal knowledge  is needed,we’ll learn as easy as fun as you want for specific areas of interest, than imagination is your guide.
We can tailor some massage classes with basic practice for you, an enjoyable and yet very lucrative week-end…
Massage is a form of self-expressing, a form of communicating,  a beautiful form of sharing experiences and can be used by everyone in various moments.

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