One-to-one training

At request, one-to-one (or couples) trainings for:
classical massage( Known also as Sweedish), Reflexotherapy, Thai massage, Reiki... Many details and any questions on how we can help you with this, please contact us, at  about timing, prices and whatever may be helpful for you!  Namaste!
Explore the Various Rewards From Becoming A Reiki Master
In addition, as a Reiki Master you could be on your way to a brand new career as a Reiki Practitioner or even teacher.
Reiki is all about
* helping individuals wake up to their full potential, resulting to
*much healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.
So, with this in mind, once you decided to become a Reiki Master:
*your life shall sprout beautifully
* Wonders just happens: you know already who can be next to you on this new way in your journey…
The Life in me honors the Life in you!

3 replies on “One-to-one training”

I am interested in Reiki training, do you have any during the August. I live in Serbia but I love to travel and won’t be a problem to come.. Let me know about the price and schedule.
Many regards, Artemis


I would love to do the one to one training Reiki with uou, just call me for more details to schedule it as it is so many ways we can realise this.
Thank you,


SanHiRa Daniela

hi there,

I’m planing to visit Romania on the mid of Dec, till the mid of Jan, I was wondering if I can get training in Thai massage, please give me more details. Thanks

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