Warm Stones Orient-Luscious-Aroma Massage

The Warm Stones Orient-Luscious-Aroma Massage is our specialty massage for changing seasons, for Princesses, Queens and Kings! Imagine, you’re breathing in the warmth of the Amber, Orange Flowers and Ylang-Ylang slowly diffused from the creamy Argan OIl and Shea butter while being infused with the warmth of the Sun from Charming Oriental  Alger, Tunisia or Morocco!Warm Stones Orient-Luscious-Aroma Massage Treatment

At Sanhira Massage Bucharest Center we use moderated heated various sized stones, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well. Skillfully placed on the energy lines are very beneficial for the health of the recipient’s body.

Basalt stones are  used because of  their smooth, flat and strong energetic influence: being a volcanic stone, is holding within them very powerful energy from the depths of the earth, that’s why the magic effect upon our wellbeing…For an amazing unforgettable feeling, we work also with carnelian stones, which have a special effect, “like a warm touch” even if this are not warmed up as the basalt ones!

 This heat is both deeply relaxing and helps tight muscles release all the tension from all over the body, when being placed on specific points on the back or on the other places (between the toes, in the palms or on the abdomen). When placed in the energetic points (chakras) of your body during this Warm Stones Aromatherapy Massage Treatment, people states that the magic sensation of the soft warm stones relaxes the nerves, improves the energy flow allover the body and they feel rebalanced, harmonized and full of joy and vitality!

The warmth of the basalt stones combined with the long flowing movements of the Massage using Aromatherapy Oils, with light pressure or deeper, accordingly to each person’s sensitivity helps muscles to relax, as the active principles of the essential oils diffuse deeper in the skin, makes the skin glow. As breathing the essences released in the room, the sinergistic effect of the Warm Stones and Aromatherapy Massage Treatment stays imprinted in your memory as a beautiful Journey inside Your Inner World…

Due to the intense relaxing effect, for an unforgettable pampering effect of the Warm Stones Aromatherapy Massage Treatment is good to take your time to treat yourself right, having a 90 minutes  session.  Allow your body to take the benefits of the Aromatherapy Massage!  Also, when choosing an 60 minutes session we’ll do our best for your Wellbeing.

Warm Stones Orient-Luscious-Aroma Massage  60 minutes Session: 47.00 Eur


Warm Stones Orient-Luscious-Aroma Pampering Massage: 77.00 Eur for 90 minuteswarm stones

Please consider for this Warm Stones Orient-Luscious-Aroma Massage is required confirmation, 40 min before appointment (click here: https://www.massagebucharest.com/contact-appointment )

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