Massage Team

Massage team: Our Approach…

Full Body Personalised Massage Session

At Sanhira Massage Center, we believe:

“If your mind is silent, your Heart is smilling, every body becomes flexible! Life runs to Happiness, Miracles…”

From thousands of hours of massage classes and various massage techniques over 17+ years of experience we carefully choose the most appropriate selection, graduating the pressure, timing and the message of our touches during the massage session striving:

“a maximum level of relaxation”, pampering your “very special well being”, “a feeling simply unforgettable”, “releasing your stress…”

“At “Sanhira” the therapists are following through what they say in the presentation. They are always smiling real smiles, from the eyes, from the heart, from the inside!

“Beautiful souls, beautiful smiles, beautiful massages…”

“The staff practice regularly ancient secret exercises to keep their energies harmonized at the physical, emotional and spiritual level.”

“Above all, they know how a relaxing massage can be transformed into a “4 your 7 senses”, a very memorable one!”

“During the “4 your 7 senses” massage session, by using secret ancient oriental massages knowledge your energy level is uplifted,  giving you a higher sensitivity, changing your approach for the daily activities of your life. From routine to Succeses, from tiredness to Happiness is only a small difference: Miracles! Your partners who will notice the difference, will understand: Sanhira’s Land! That’s a place where Miracles are just happening…”

“Just one massage session here is making enough difference: you’re completely changed, attuned to attract Joy, Love and Grace, Healthier than ever. “

“Your magnetism will be at a higher level therefore  you start attracting positive events and the partner you always desired.”

A new Journey, inside you…starts here. From deep inside you, attracting the beauty next to you.

This is what charismatic people do: winning!

Be happy,

Be healthy,

Be loved,

Be merry!

Be successful!

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I have experienced many different techniques of massage in many places in the world, but no massage has been as memorable and healing as your touch, Daniela. In one extended session under your guidance, I reached a level of contentment I didn’t think possible. I regret that my very limited time in Bucharest allowed for only one, magical experience, but I will certainly be back for more. -E

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