Namaste…after Thainland, in Bucharest

Namaste…after Thainland, in Bucharest, at SanHiRa Massage Bucharest Center  becomes  a stretching and grounding exercise.

Namaste! Welcome!

Discover wellbeing  and health benefits brought to you by this Ancient Sanscrite Blessing practice. A mindfullnes/ breathing/ fitness  Thai-Yoga exercise to Forget BackPains“Namaste! “ is a daily practice, tailored exactly for Your wellbeing!



For ReVitalising & ReJuvenating, combined with some TAO-YIN primordial child breathing technique“Namaste! ” practice makes it an powerful tool for Mantaining the Ki, the Life Force and the postural allignement  & Improving Flexibility, in an easy and fun way for at home, in the office, in a park, during daytime, wherever you feel comfortable to do it.

After “Namaste! ” in Thainland, which imprinted my memories of the Soul with their Smiles, cheerful vivid sounds, amazing colors of luxuriant vegetation, extraordinary flavor of their delicious teas of ginger and “gingered” or sophisticated spiced food and incredible feeling of “lightness” after a thre hours session of Thai Traditional Massage ( a Thai-Yoga for lazy person, :-), It still sprouts out from my very sacred space of my Heart, one word: Namaste!



“Namaste!”, which you hear always, allover, in India, still stays in my ears, singing, dancing continouslly revealing it’s profound meaning, and, mostly, it’s beneficial effects for Health.

“Namaste!” can be translated in many ways, such as:

“I honor the place in you where Spirit livesBody, Mind and Soul Relaxation
I honor the place in you which is
of Love, of Truth, of Light, of Peace,
when you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
then we are One.”

‘The Life in me sees

and Honors the Life in You.”

“I bow to the Divine in You.”

Explore and expand the Beauty within by the many uses and meanings of this word (mantra).

Each and every one of your massage sessions starts and ends with an ( 10 minutes Free! ) session “Namaste!”

Training ‘Namaste !” Wellbeing Consultation

1 Session , one to one,

20 minutes, 9 euros ( *aditional by request to the 10 minutes free!)

1 session 1 hour, 27 euros,

abonaments ,10 hours , 247 euros

For a brief ‘Namaste !” Training &/ or a Wellbeing Consultation about the way we can work together to improve yours  and beyond this, for a Miraculous Health

feel free to call 0040 745074839 of fill in the contact form. You’ll get a reply within the next 3-4 hours or sooner.


( “The Divine inside me salute The Divine inside You!”

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