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Dear Visitors at SanHira,

I’m still in a beautiful surprise to see what are you doing for Living Gracefully on this Planet! This is adding even more meaning to our Lotus Breeze encounterings. Congratulations for your choice to Change.

Why CHANGE? Is this so important?

As we hear in various ways, from more and more people nowadays about all this shifting of the Poles of  Earth…About Mother Earth’s Energy being in continuous change, shifting and raising the frequency of vibration…

What this Vibration, this Frequency means for each and everyone of us? 

Well, dear Souls, we All are Infinite Spiritual Energy Beings having the Human Body Experience.

We are embarked in an Life Journey. on this Planet. 

  All we’ve heard we are having also an energetic body…more than our phisical body. This is vibrating near us, inside us, we are Vibrational beings, even if some are aware of this or not. The ones with more pure physical body experience more awareness about their energyfields, and usually they have an optimum health, And great results in many or all areas of their lives.

And, YES, we are a kind of Energy Receiver-Translator- Convertor=Emitor Device. We receive the energy with the help of our Chackras. The 7 Major ones and the not so known ones from above our heads and the ones below our feet. By traveling along the Energy Lines, known as Energy Meridian lines from Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) our body is “fueled” with this energy, all our cells are receiving more light and thus increasing our frequency of vibration. 

Why some sense more and others less? Facts we see in our lives are the proof we need to understand and translate our Aura (* energetic bodies) more.

When we notice this? When we discover some area(* or areas) in our life is stuck,   this is exactly when we are somehow drained of energy. One explanation can be some energy blocks.

Why this is more intense than before? Or why is happening to more people now?

Hmmm, we go back to the Ancient Indian Rishis those having the spiritual custom of chanting AUM or OM. By doing so, they were attunning their bodies to the  is the Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm, 7,83 Hz the frequency known as the “Schumann Resonance.”   According to Wikipedia, “Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.”

As Humans we have 4 major Rhythms: Cerebrospinal fluid’s, BrainWawes, Breathing and Heartbeat.

  For an optimum health theese 4 Rhythms of our bodies, is supposed to be in sync. Guess what? Our heartbeat is in sync with the Earth’s, with the Cosmic Heartbeat Rhythm of our beloved Mother Earth, 7, 83 Hz, The Schumann Resonance.

And this is having spikes to above 40 Hz for few hours, in some days. This great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibrationg higher and higher, just like us!

Schumann Resonance Today,

December 16 2017

RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz.

RS Today’s Peaks:

  • After yesterday massive spikes to above 40 Hz from 14:00 to 18:00 UTC today the frequency of the SR has returned to normal.


 How is this impacting our daily lifes?

As the Rhythm of our beloved Mother Earth is changing and having short spikes, , our 4 radio;s is getting out of sync accentuating some disHarmony or intensifying those blocks we had from before. Nowadays we deal less easy with our wellknown blocks. Our resistance to Change is blocking our WellBeing.

Our WellBeing, ( the Feeling of EASE, and Flow of Energy through our Body) is mantained with the help of our 6 senses. This is called Presence. To listen and care about our body. Ignoring our Inner Guidance ( Our Inner Doctor) we contribute at ruining our Health, and sometimes we delay to treat well our temple till our Physical Body is deteriorated. A kind of Self Sabotage? This is our only one Partner in this Life we cant trust most.

Why and How? By giving us signals of comfort or disconfort like thirst, hunger, tiredness, lack of focus. or only an apaty or negative emotions. You can name the rest…LOL. This small Dis-Eases are acting like sensors ( SENSING) in our interAction with the environement , being this another persons with their BioEnergetics, places, spaces and we act responsibly and lovingly providing “good Fuel” for us or for the ones we interact with.  

What Good Fuel means?

Did you ever considered Words asFood for our ears? Or Music? Well, here we are close to vibrations. Sound is transmitted by wawes. End.. Voilla! Words are having the power to transform our lifes. By speaking nice and kind words to others you cause your body to swimm in your own good vibes first and most. They can be near you for more or less time. You are your main generator of vibrant Health or…discomfort just by the way you speak. this vibrations, be them good or bad, makes your aura vibrate harmonious or…Dis_Harmonious. In time, your Biofield is containing either an beautiful invisible energetic sculpture either a mess. After an extended period of time, this invisible mess became visible in the most dense of our Bodies,the phisical. Words can affect our emotions. You can pretend your emotional body is fine, this is invisible, eventhough we all sense  the distructive / negative emotions: fury, hate& impatienty, worry& anxiety, sadness& depression, fear& stress, even though we recognise we’d love to experience more from the positive Emotions: Kindness, Love& Joy, Enthusiasm, Onesty& Opening, Righteousness& Courage, Gentleness. All can be transformed and by specific ancient techniques,combined with the wise use of the most advanced discoveries and devices of modern times your body returns to optimum health. This is the objective of the EnergyWorker, to provide you that WellBeing & Guidance for your Journey on the Planet Earth in such a way to experience mostly all times WellBeing, Joy And Freedom. 

How you see the difference from a “Mumbo Jumbo Energy Healing” and a True One to trust?

First: You feel good only by hearing their Voice.

Follow your inner Voice, be it your intuition, gut or heart. You Know the feeling of choosing right… Right?

Second:  “By the end of the session is noticed visible improvement of wellbeing, cuantificable results for your 6 senses”.

“Like all our body sense more simetry and allignement, starts to feel more Ease, pains disappers, Dis-Eases …is replaced with Freedom of movement”, 

-“better breathing, lungs capacity increased, smells can be more accuratelly distinguished”,




-“sharper earing”

-“improved clarity of vision”

“you can accuratelly describe the tastes of those creams, oils infused on your skin like they are blooming on the palace of your mouth, without eating them, though they are so natural you cand use for Fruit cake stuff, :-))” (

“Skin elasticity, glowing. Sensing like you just eat with all your cells from the surface of the skin, being nourished without eating solid food, just like energy is absorbed through your skin,and that you are more spacious than the contour of your phisical body.”



We are just Travellers, Guests of this Planet and being part of this LifeBeat of Earth we see our importance in this Planetary and UniversalEvent..

Thus, the objective of the EnergyWorker is:

-To provide each and everyone of You that WellBeing & Guidance for your Journey on the Planet Earth in such a way to experience mostly all times WellBeing, Joy And Freedom. 

-To enJOOOY all the DivinGifts we discover along our Life Celebrating Event: Joy, Love, Gratitude, Grace, Beauty, Health, Truth, Sacred Relationships, Ballance in all areas of Self Expression and Harmony.

Is an unique moment in the Planet’s evolution

As We  ALL we are ONE,

As having the same HeartBeat with this Beautifull blue-green Planet and All of us are in a continous change, releasing all past clichees, old paradigms, misconceptions, all past negative imprints & /feelings, like we are in the process of re-Birth…

As Our Beloved Mother Earth is rising and rising the frequencies this is purging and renewing the Planet,

As time, in the last few years became just an notion,

A year is… what we become in between 2 celebrations of this “so-called” New Year…

AS ALL we are LOVE,

…as all this should be named…

Haaaaaaappy Neeeeew YOU!



Mitakuye Oyasin!

In Lak’ esh ala Kin!


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