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Unveiling the City’s Secrets, Beauties… EnJOY Bucharest with someone happy to do it with YOU!


Bucharest is an amaaaaazing city! The root word is “Bucur”, meaning “Joy”. Even if you read about this, we wish you feel the Joy of discovering his story, history, traditions, art of cooking, meeting local people next to us, to be part of this Joy!

The city’s elegant architecture and the sophisticated elite studying in Paris, in the interwar times it started to be referred as the “Little Paris of the East”, “The small Paris”( ‘Micul Paris”).


Professional guides  and amazing stories about different historical areas of Bucharest, about what you can do in Bucharest and where to meet extraordunary  people are to be found uppon request.

Feel free to ask us, before or after your Sanhira Session, either for  or for a Signature Massage: Relaxing, Refreshing, Tonning, Revitalising, Sensorial Wellness, Oriental Dream, Sensorial Beauty or a Healing Present one: the Inner Illuminating,

Events and Itineraries are created to fit individual desires and timing, just Enjoy it!

With a good guide this will be even more exciting, enjoying the full aroma of your visit. Ask and it will be tailored, especially for you a Guided Tour of the most interesting places which suits best to your interests. In this way you’ll have about Bucharest a memorable experience hardly to forget!

It’s also about saving your time and money, by knowing how the traffic is during that specific time of the day and year and matching the programs of the museums, churches and the various places you want to visit or just to step in,  good places to eat, have fun and many others requests.

If you feel more attracted by an One-To-One” Learning basic Massage” Class, here we can help you, https://www.massagebucharest.com/apointments/. Details for organising by request.

Let us know one day before. 

For further information, we are at your disposal on this mobile number: 0745 07 48 39,  in between 10,30-20,30, Mo-Fri. We may be in some places where using mobile is not allowed, but we call you back as soon as we notice your call. Take note to have your displayed number.

With all this in mind, you can plan now to Have a Great trip to Bucharest! Just call when you know the exact time of your arrival, we can be very inventive. We’ll do our best for you;-)

Bucharest means Joy, memorable City!

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Yes, to your inquiery.
For more details please feel free to call
0040 745 074839.
we can discuss about your goals and set up a session, with pleasure.

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